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LOVE, Yin & Yang

I hope that each of us may find our way back to love.

that we can let go of hiding, suppressing, defending, running. trying not to get hurt.

that we can surrender to the beautiful truth.

that it's part of the story.

of being HUMAN.


we need to know pain, so love can exist.

and in the end, love is all there is.

and love is worth it, love is safe,

love is home.

there is nothing more worth it than letting ourselves be LOVED, HEARD & SEEN.

I hope, pray for everyone, for the ones who are blocking their hearts & keeping love at distance.

may they (re)open their hearts, find peace & rest easy in the warm embrace of secure connection.

to themselves, to the beloved & to spirits. open for real connectedness and being free of dependency.

life is too precious. show yourself. your heart. live. speak your truth.

communicate your needs. let love in.

allow the experience of all the beauty & mystery this life has to offer.

the divinity. the magic.

eventually we will never understand love.

but in terms of love it's not about the mind.

it's about the feelings, the experience.

allow to FEEL IT ALL with your body. your soul. your heart.

a little encouragement for you. for me. for all of us. let's be brave together. 🤍



words ©️

BE YIN Janina Lenzin

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