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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

the place to recharge. to heal.

to find more balance.

to release.

to simply be.

the importance of being. BE YIN.

to check in with yourself.

to come home to yourself.

feeling mother earth. pachamama.

knowing that you are held. safe. loved.

allowing that grounding energy and love flow through you. your whole body.

touching your heart. moving your soul.

finding stillness.

allowing softness.

being with yourself.

with your emotions. your feelings.

clear. raw. honest. deep.

meeting your shadows.

embracing all that you are.

the light & the shadows.

the love.

the magic.

thank you for being.

in case you needed to hear this today: you matter.

keep shining, beautiful soul.

from my heart to yours,


BE YIN janina lenzin

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