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Professional and Personalized


Yin & Yang in Balance

I will give and hold space for you as you arrive, fully present.

Connect with your body and

your self-healing powers.

Discover your energy and remember your inner power.

Feel Yin and Yang within yourself.

Come home - to yourself.

Traumasensitive, holistic Therapy in Baden, Switzerland


Find your Balance

The path of selfrealization. Feel the union and awaken your inner healer.

Yoga Lessons and Workshops:



In Person

Online (per Zoom)



The Joys of Holistic Health

I host retreats around the world to share my passion for yoga, movement, meditation, holistic medicine, vegan nutrition (TCM nutrition) & embodiment practice.

If you’re interested in having me host a retreat or workshop at your venue, please contact me here.



Listen to Your Body

What BE YIN stands for:
The importance of being, or as I prefer to say

"the importance of be yin", teaches you to be mindful towards yourself and towards life. It is about the art of "simple being". Living and expressing Yin energy is a big challenge in our Yang dominated society, where it is mostly about technology, speed, pressure, performance and constant competition.
I want to encourage you to connect with your inner self and to find more balance in between Yin and Yang.

We will be working with the body, the mind and the soul, as it is all connected. Remember the importance of (just) being.


Nature contains every answers. External or internal. Doesn’t matter because it’s the same. So my philosophy guides me on the observer’s strategy. That’s why I rarely get involved in games of material world.
When I visited Janina’s embodiment practice, I didn’t have any thoughts or prejudices like “tabula rasa”. I was absolutely captivated and it made me so deeply happy.
In any case you should try out this „kind of conversation“ with yourself.
Without any doubts I can declare that it is a perfect way for everybody to hear their own inner voice.
Janinas class was one of the brightest moments of our trip in Sri Lanka.
With great gratitude and love to the Master.

Di Merenkova


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