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Find your Balance.

The path of selfrealization. Feel the union and awaken your inner healer.

Yoga Lessons and Workshops:

Weekly Group Lessons


In Person

Online (per Zoom)


My personal recommendation for other yoga teachers:

JOVAYoga in Bern (Switzerland)

Stefan Camilleri in Habaraduwa (Sri Lanka)

Catarina Mota in Portugal


Weekly Yoga Class

Every Wednesday 6.15pm - 7.30pm


More YOGA classes coming soon! 


The journey of selfrealisation

Yoga may be a process of realising who we are, so we can find the union between the different elements of ourselves. The process of graduated selfrealisation, of transformation. In the meditative state we may experience the interconnectedness of the mind, the body, the soul and the infinite.

Concepts of yoga:

Yoga as a dynamic meditation, a mindfulness practice with objectivity to observe our reactions, efforts, strengths and weaknesses.

Boga to act in pursuit of sensory pleasure. That means to enjoy the yoga practice in a way that feels good. The danger of yoga may be excess and the risk of overdoing and creating imbalance in the body.

Yoga as a physical, physiological or mental therapy. The difference between yoga and therapy is that the yoga philosophy suggests everything is perfect the way it is and we just need to realise this.

If you are present, any physical or mental issues are irrelevant.

To mix these 3 concepts into every movement of the yoga practice is really beneficial.

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