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of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yoga Teacher


Working with the body,

the mind and the soul
as it is all connected.

Remember the importance of (just) being.


I have always been fascinated by nature; it's diversity, wisdom and strength. 

I grew up in a small village in the beautiful Switzerland countryside spending most of my time in the nature with horses. I always felt a strong connection to mother earth and it’s where I felt most alive and at home.

Nature is a place to connect with my inner self, finding stillness, peace and clarity.

After some years in nursing care I explored creative arts, photography & creative design in the Higher Vocational School for Matriculation Qualification. Even though I really enjoyed learning more about art and creative design, I felt the call to dedicate my professional future to a medical area. Due to personal health issues I started to see a Chinese Medicine therapist and was immediately fascinated by this ancient medicine.

I soon learned how TCM and the holistic view was exactly what I had always been looking for.

The holistic view offers a beautiful path to harmony into the body, the soul/spirit and mind, to activate self-healing power, to get a better body awareness and to educate an individual's health responsibility.

Healing means to let go of pain, injuries etc.; to leave them behind.

It’s not about treating the symptoms. It’s about getting to the roots.

Healing is supposed to be a natural process and

we are all capable of healing ourselves.

Healing demands more of you. More depth, more patience, and more inward exploration. True healing can only happen when you connect with your body and the symptoms, and when you begin listening to what they are telling you, then you become more understanding of those messages instead of pushing them away.


To find the connection with one's inner self, to empower people and show them the importance of 'simply being', to encourage people to find more balance of Yin and Yang within themselves. This is what 'BE YIN' stands for.

The importance of being, or as I would say: "the importance of ´'be yin'" is supposed to remind people to be mindful towards themselves and towards life in general. The art of "simple being" and living and expressing the Yin energy seems to be a big challenge in our Yang dominated society, where it is a lot about technology, speed, pressure, performance and constant competition.

«I have lived in my body for years and still need maps and lights to find my way to how I feel.» -Michelle K. Body of Maps

Working with the body, the mind and the soul as it is all connected.

Remember the importance of (just) being.

The body as a map: I am trying to give people a better understanding of

what their individual body is telling them about what is going on inside of them.

How emotions, feelings, our lifestyle, nutrition etc. affect our body and our physical sensations.

I am using different practices and tools based on my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, influenced by my knowledge and personal experiences with shamanism, tantric arts, embodiment work and knowledge and experiences of the daily yoga practice.

Combining ancient healing wisdom and evidence-based practice.

During your therapy sessions we’ll work on relieving of any discomfort and blockages, improving specific health conditions and supporting the energy / Qi flow. To transform ailment on somatic, mental and spiritual level and find healing within yourself as your inner healer awakens and your system becomes more and more balanced.

Coming home to yourself. Feeling yourself. Connecting.

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